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Libraries and Components is a site for disseminating information about the following Java open source projects.

The latest development version of BRules can be found in the Maven Snapshot Repository.

The latest released version can be found on the Talend Exchange or in the Maven Release Repository.


BRules is a collection of Java routines for validation, formatting, and JSON processing. It was originally released as a JAR on the Talend Exchange for use in Talend Open Studio. It was just released (Feb 1 2014) to the Maven Central Repository for general use in a Java project. It wraps up other libraries like Google's phone validation library and Commons Lang StringUtils. The number of methods will be greatly expanded in the coming weeks (2014 plan).

BRules is distributed as a binary for importing into Talend Open Studio. An alternative distribution is a JAR file for general use in Java projects. BRules delegates its JSON processing functionality to a related project called BRules JSON.

The following is a list of links for both projects.

BRules is under active development. The library's charter is "anything you would like to see after typing BRules Ctrl-Space in a TOS tMap cell". If you have an idea for a function or have a bug report, submit a ticket simply by sending an email to [email protected].

tScriptRules and tScriptRulesLoad

tScriptRules is a Talend Open Studio component that lets you define Javascript-like rules within Talend Open Studio or in an external file that can be placed under source code control. tScriptRulesLoad provides configuration to tScriptRules. Both components are available on the Talend Exchange. tScriptRules is going to be enhanced to expand the functions available in the scripting language in 2014.

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